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Ljubljana [86] has no world-famous attractions, which is just great: You have all the time to stroll around and enjoy the city itself. In the summer, its center hosts a number of city sponsored events, from children workshops and public playgrounds on the streets that get closed for traffic for the occasion, to Trnfest's off-beat street performances and musical events of all genres.

In autumn it shows its "Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter" face as it fills again by students of the state's largest university to whom the city owes much of its youthful character. Cold December days are warmed by thousand of lights, the new year's decoration conceived by local artists, and by food and drinks sold from street stands on the banks of Ljubljanica river. After surviving the boring gray remaining of winter, the city erupts again with spring flowers planted on its streets and crossroads.

Ljubljana "lyoob-lyAH-nah" is a charming city full of artists, museums, and galleries. With a population of , it is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe.

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The Ljubljanica river flows through the center of town, past Baroque buildings and under the ramparts of the ancient castle on the hill. The new city and modern-day commercial core lies to the west of the river, while the old city and the castle are located on the east side of the river. LJU is located 30 km from the city centre of Ljubljana and it is the largest Slovenian airport. What LJU does have: Bus Station Ljubljana http: The station has several useful schedule search engines also in English for working out connections; however these do not always have live availability information i.

Generally speaking, a bus can take you almost anywhere in Slovenia within a few hours. Ticket offices are cash only ATM is available next to the ticket offices.

You can visit some of the most interesting places in Slovenia from Bus Station Ljubljana, f.

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Postojna Cave, Bled Lake, Piran Bus Station is offering a full package for Postojna cave, voucher as a ticket and a discounted audio guides in 15 languages. You can also buy a ticket for the Bled Castle on the station and you get a coupon with a discounted price for Bled famous Slice Cream. The Ljubljana bus and Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter stations are located next to each other at Trg Osvobodilne fronte Trg means square in Slovenian.

The two stations are located just north of the city center and a short walk from most hotels and attractions. The train station has a tourist information center, currency exchange, and left-luggage service. Ljubljana is the hub of Slovenia's rail system. Local trains run throughout the country - no point in Slovenia is more than 3 hours away.

Local trains, such as LP or RG stop at every station the cheapest. The journey time is almost the same, even including the transfer, and has the benefit of being both EUR10 cheaper AND offering free travel within Munich incl.

Getting to Trieste by train is complicated because there are very few train connections to Italy. There is a daily train between Jesenice and Nova Gorica that will take you to Italy. From Goriza the trains goes to Trieste and Venice.

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Another solution is to take a train to Zagreb for example Gradec international expressand change to an EC to Salzburg or Munich. If you take this route through Croatia though, and if you need a Schengen visa, you most likely need a separate visa for Croatia too. Renting a car is also an option, especially if you are visiting remote destinations outside of Ljubljana.

The center of Ljubljana is small enough to cover on foot. You can pick up a free city map at a tourist information center or in the train station. Navigating or finding a street is easy as streets are clearly marked. It has bikes on 30 stations around the inner city part and you can subscribe with a credit card online.

For more information go to this site: Most bus routes operate 5am - Saturdays and Sundays no service on lines 11 11B is Saturday and 20Z is Sunday replacement15, 22, 24, 28, 29 and To ride the buses, you must first purchase an Urbana card similar to an Oyster Card in London.

Upon entering the bus by the front door, you need to position the card next to the reader to pay for the route. The confirmation is a quiet beep and an illuminated green light, while a negative response is a louder beep and a red light. Although if you are a regular guest in Ljubljana and have a mobile with a Slovenian operator for example Simobil, Mobitel, Izimobil, Debitel etc.

Timetables [90] in Slovene only have departure times from first bus Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter so you can use the webpage [91] to obtain predicted departure times for next three buses from every bus stop. Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter you're in a hurry, always order a taxi by phone! Cleaning a cab usually costs euro; if you don't have the money, they'll take valuables from you phone, passport, jewelry, etc.

If things get out of hand, feel free to call the police -- it's your right to call them. Taxi drivers are generally very nice people, but when it comes to the money, they can get violent quickly.

You need to be extra careful when using 'freelancers' in Slovenian 'privatniki'. Ordering a taxi by phone is safer and much cheaper. The main language of the city is unsurprisingly Slovenian. Most of citizens speak at least some English, many, especially those under age of 30, speak it fluently. It's also worth trying any major European language you speak as you just might be understood.

The easiest and most pleasant way to reach all spots described below is on foot, except for the Zoo and the Architecture Museum. Shows are performed regularly throughout the year.

There are several theatres scattered all over the city centre. Student life in Ljubljana is very active and you will notice many young people on the streets when classes are in session from October to May. Ljubljana's main shopping areas are the BTC City Shopping District take bus 27located at the north-eastern edge, and the Rudnik Shopping District take bus 27 in the south-eastern edge of the city. Downtown Ljubljana is full of trendy cafes outdoor seating in the summer!

You can find local Slovenian food, and restaurants with ethnic food from many places around the world. Pizza in Ljubljana is of very good quality. Try a burger Slovene style with a horse burger at the Hot Horse! Cheap and good for returning from a night out. The more interesting bars tend to be on the backstreets, rather than directly facing the river.

Part of the joy of this city is stumbling across these places, but these are Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter to start you off. Ljubljana has several good nightclubs discotheques. The clubs hold special events, they will play a certain syle of music on certain nights, etc. Some will also impose a strict dress code and age limits.

Ljubljana is possibly one of the safest capitals you'll ever visit. Remarkably safe during the day and night, as a tourist you should have no problems, provided you are not desperately looking for trouble. Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter the rougher parts of Ljubljana, located far from the city centre, are relatively safe, if you don't flash your valuables.

Tivoli Park is generally very safe and a very popular destination for picnics or taking an afternoon stroll for an average Ljubljanian, but just as anywhere in the world it is recommended that you don't put your guard down and avoid larger groups of teenagers hanging around in the park late at night, as thefts and sexual assaults have been reported.

Although Ljubljana is generally an open and tolerant city, gay-bashings have been reported in recent years, so you'll be better off keeping the nature of your sexual orientation down a bit. All in all Ljubljana is one of the safest cities around the globe. Bars and cafes commonly offer free wireless, however guests might need to ask staff for login details.

City-wide WiFi is available throughout central Ljubljana; 1 hour of service per day is free upon a simple registration procedurehowever other deals are also available to visitors. Check map of wireless internet Wi-Fi spots in Ljubljana and nearby. Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! Retrieved from " https: Has custom banner Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter needing IsPartOf category All destination articles Pages linked to a data item for a disambiguation Guide articles.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Text is available under [http: Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view. Ljubljana Contents 1 Understand 1. Understand [ edit ] Ljubljana with its many sights Ljubljana "lyoob-lyAH-nah" is a charming city full of artists, museums, and galleries.

Orientation [ edit ] The Ljubljanica river flows through the center of town, past Baroque buildings and under the ramparts of the ancient castle on the hill. Also offers various sightseeing tours. Traveling between the airport and the city centre: Buses run every hour on the hour between 5 a. Free rides are included in Ljubljana Tourist Card but only for buses at 8 a.

Cold December days are warmed...

The journey to the city centre takes 50 minutes. Shuttles are offered by three companies: GoOpti, Nomago and ride2. Reservation is only required for the destinations other than Ljubljana.

The journey to the city centre takes minutes depends on the traffic. Airport taxies have their permission displayed at the left corner of the windshield and if they charge you with an excessive price you can file a report with Ljubljana Airport just save a receipt. Rental car companies offer large variety of manual and automatic vehicles: 50 Golden Eagles:. Can't have Crocs taking 5 minutes to drown something while 15 My Final Answer: 10, Rats and Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter Kodiak Bears.

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Salde 10 000 biljetter pa 50 minuter

Should I give him another chance? Cold December days are warmed by thousand of lights, the new year's decoration Buy tickets in TIC for €9, from the guide it costs € edit; Ljubljana Tourist Information Office, The journey to the city centre takes 50 minutes. Od Žmavca sosed pa ud brata prjatu (Žmavc's neighbor and my brother's pal aka Žmavc). You'll spend minutes/one way for a transfer of kilometers from the airport. . Technically, there is a queuing system in place to buy tickets at Hanoi Station . As a general rule, a reasonable fare should cost around 10, dong per pork and noodle), Nộm đu đủ (papaya salad), and Cà phê trứng (egg coffee)..

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  3. It is largely unscathed from the decades of war, and is now going through a building boom, making it a rapidly developing city in Southeast Asia.

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